Of love.

I know that married life is not all bliss, and it takes more than hardwork and patience to make a relationship work. I learned that this stands true especially when faced with the day-to-day challenges of marriage. It is certainly not a walk in the park. Many times, I fail to recognize that it takes two people to make a marriage stay strong, and I am truly sorry for that. I can be immature, impatient, illogical, stubborn, and selfish. I apologize for all my shortcomings. There are good days, and bad days most definitely, and we will not see eye-to-eye on some things. Some nights we will go to bed angry at each other and most likely, we will not cuddle nor say goodnight.
I do hope that we will do whatever it takes to weather every storm and every obstacle that comes our way. I hope that you will hold my hand when I seem distant. I hope that you will touch my face and kiss me when I am at my absolute worst state. I hope that you will listen to me when I try to tell you how I truly feel. I hope that you will try to look at how I perceive things and situations especially when you think or feel otherwise. I promise to do the same. I promise to hear your side of the story, to see things the way you do, and respect and admire you in all the things you do.
I will always be here for you. You are a part of me, and you will always have my heart. But when the time comes that you feel my arms are no longer your home, I will let you go. Not because I give up, but because I love you enough to let you find your happiness.
I remember the night you said that we can’t make other people happy. I agree with you. All we can do is love them. And if the time comes that you have found another soul to love, I will not stop you from doing so.
Sometimes we have to lose something to find what we are looking for.
I will not regret anything, because I know that we did our best.


2015 Challenge

A friend of mine inspired me to do a “365 Days Challenge”. It is basically my New Year’s Resolution challenge, but I prefer to call it 2015 Aspirations. Technically, these two words “resolutions” and “aspirations” are very much alike. However, they have slightest difference that if you look from a completely different angle, they may conclude into two completely different ideas. I always thought new year’s resolutions are things we want to change, but you see, we don’t always want to change things. There are some things we like to remain the same, and some things we want to make better.
My 2014 wasn’t a bad year at all, and if I can re-live that year, I wouldn’t like it any other way. A lot of things happened, good and bad. I liked it the way it is. This year, however, I want better things to happen, and I realize that taking the initiative is the key. I don’t always believe in luck. I feel that hardwork always triumphs over luck. Yes, taking things in your own hands and getting something done will take you wherever you aspire to be.
What are my 2015 Aspirations? I classified them into two: short-term and long-term aspirations, although I feel that the short-term aspirations will eventually lead to longer-term goals.
First of all, I hope to get my driver’s license. I know it’s silly, I am 26 and I don’t have a driver’s license. You ask why? I came from a place where you would rather just walk than drive. Simply put, congested streets, atmospheric gas prices, high traffic accident rates. Since I moved to the suburb, driving became a necessity, thus, the need to be able to drive legally.
Secondly, I would like to continue learning a foreign language. I have dabbled into several foreign languages but French is my favorite. I took basic French language courses a few years ago, but due to my laziness, I have forgotten most of what I have learned. I hope to kickstart that (yet again) this year. My last short-term aspiration is food. How is that an aspiration if all I ever do is eat? I want to know how to feed my body well, i.e. eating healthy and yummy. I learned that truly appreciating food has a very complex nature, and although one does not need to know everything about food, it is important to understand the basics of good food.
As I mentioned earlier, all my short-term aspirations lead to my long-term goals. My interest in language and food are deeply rooted in me. I have always wanted of teaching language, and it is also my dream to visit And explore France. As for food, who does not like food? For me, it is not only the desire to taste the best foods in the world, it is more the need to feed my body well. I grew up around people who love to eat. When that is the kind of environment you have, is it very easy to pick up. It is not always good though. I think that being smart in choosing what to feed your body is not something I was taught as a kid. It is my personal desire to change the mentality that I grew up seeing, that you can eat anything you want. My family has a history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc, various diseases caused by unhealthy food choices. Ultimately, the goal is to be a wiser and healthier version of myself. There are a million little things we can do to make ourselves better, and it is really is the conscious effort that we put every single day that jumpstarts whatever aspirations we have.
It is the small choices and changes that we take that bring results.
What are your goals in 2015?

A girl can dream.

I believe in fashion.
I’m just kidding. I am the least stylish person you’ll ever meet. I am too busy snoozing to even bother lurk on Instagram posts of supermodels or stalk extremely attractive A-listers on Facebook, let alone open a fashion magazine. Fashionable people exude style even in their pajamas. It’s just the way they are. However, just because you do not breathe fashion does not mean you can’t have a nice bag. I believe that every woman deserves a good quality bag.

Maybe I’m over my head and I just want to justify why I should cash in years of my blood and sweat to be able to purchase a ridiculously priced tiny, pretty thing that hangs loose on the shoulder. Honestly, I, myself, cannot give a logical explanation on why it’s okay to spend a fortune on a bag. Maybe it’s the glam that goes with it. Or the fact that I may officially call myself fashionable for having this lovely arm candy. I do not know. One thing though, this glorified piece of accesory gives freedom. It is not a mere symbol of status, rather it is an object that epitomizes a woman’s ideals. A good quality bag is carefully crafted; from the design conception, the materials, the intricacies and structure, every bit of it is thoughtfully sculpted. It truly is how this beautiful piece of accesory came to life that makes is exquisite.
This is why every girl deserves a Chanel, or a Louis. Because every girl deserves something extraordinary.

A Little Bit About Me


I am telling you in advance how extremely sorry I am about the messy background but I just had to post this photo since this is the most recent selfie I have taken. Yes, I am one of those shameless selfie-takers you see at coffee shops. Just kidding.

So this post is to give you a sneak peek into my little endeavor called life. I am a bad writer, so you are allowed to diss me about my writing and I could not care less. However, I am trying to contribute to this ever changing social media driven world by trying out one of the oldest and probably cliche-st platform, blogging.

As you can see, I am a lost soul trying to find my place in this universe or multiverse, hoping to one day share something to make the world a better place. ¬†How’s that ¬†working for me? I have no idea where I am. But seriously, I have this strong belief that each of us is capable of doing something that the world will benefit on, and it doesn’t have to be huge or legendary, it can be anything as simple as being kind to other people, making someone happy, being a good person so there is one less evil in the world. My point is, you don’t have to be Gandhi or Bill Gates or Beyonce, but you have something in you that you can offer to the world.

I have always wanted to start blogging, like real blogging, not just some i’m-cool-and-hype-and-I-have-a-blog type blogging. My laziness always gets in the way. I have also been under the impression that people are out there to get me. Yup, I am scared of people and of criticism and I know it’s a very bad thing. And that is exactly why I am pushing myself to do this. Maybe if I can freely open my mind and talk my heart out through writing a blog, I will eventually learn how to do it in real life aka “I actually have to deal with people effectively if I want to survive in this cold, cruel world”.


I will end my first post with a quote by The Dalai Lama, “love and compassion are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being.”

This is what I am hoping to achieve in my life. Not that I have never felt loved before, it is very much the opposite, but because this is what I want to be able to give the world, at least to the people around me. I want to have a heart that loves truly and unconditionally.

And oh, welcome to my life.