A girl can dream.

I believe in fashion.
I’m just kidding. I am the least stylish person you’ll ever meet. I am too busy snoozing to even bother lurk on Instagram posts of supermodels or stalk extremely attractive A-listers on Facebook, let alone open a fashion magazine. Fashionable people exude style even in their pajamas. It’s just the way they are. However, just because you do not breathe fashion does not mean you can’t have a nice bag. I believe that every woman deserves a good quality bag.

Maybe I’m over my head and I just want to justify why I should cash in years of my blood and sweat to be able to purchase a ridiculously priced tiny, pretty thing that hangs loose on the shoulder. Honestly, I, myself, cannot give a logical explanation on why it’s okay to spend a fortune on a bag. Maybe it’s the glam that goes with it. Or the fact that I may officially call myself fashionable for having this lovely arm candy. I do not know. One thing though, this glorified piece of accesory gives freedom. It is not a mere symbol of status, rather it is an object that epitomizes a woman’s ideals. A good quality bag is carefully crafted; from the design conception, the materials, the intricacies and structure, every bit of it is thoughtfully sculpted. It truly is how this beautiful piece of accesory came to life that makes is exquisite.
This is why every girl deserves a Chanel, or a Louis. Because every girl deserves something extraordinary.


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